There are many ways to approach design but following fads and trends are not the best option. Because of the quick turnaround, fads seem to fulfill the short term goals in decorating. As defined, fads are things or behaviors that have achieved short-lived popularity, but fade away. Fads are often seen as sudden, quick spreading, and short-lived. Following trends tend to be a better option due to their slightly longer life span but are also a short term option. Trends are the general course or prevailing tendency of something. What you must determine is your style. Style is an elegant, fashionable, or luxurious mode of living. Determining your style doesn’t have to be difficult. You have to decide what make you comfortable.  How do you see yourself? Do you want your home to feel like a coastal retreat or a Texas farmhouse?  Are you task driven or live casually with thoughts more on zen living?  Once you decide your style, then you can integrate current fads and trends in to keep your designs fresh and current.  Your “fad and trend” items will incorporate the fashionable colors of the times, popular things you’ve seen on tv and in magazines.  These items should be less expensive and have a short life span. They are best seen in your accessories.  Every few years change your accessories to keep your rooms current.

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